ODCS Outsourced HR Management Services

Who we are: Our Human Resource Consultancy and Advice offers a cost effective professional HR service for small to medium sized companies as well as providing project support to HR Departments in larger organisations.

For companies who do not have a dedicated Human Resource resource, we can provide you with all of your HR needs from recruitment to performance management to grievance or disciplinary matters, to policies and procedures, contracts of employment etc.

Our service is customized to your needs so if you have fewer than 10 employees or over 50, we can provide you with a solution that matches your requirements. Our objective is to provide you with top quality professional advice and support at affordable rates.

Benefits to you: We leverage our extensive knowledge and industry experience to bring you a solution that will make a real difference to the running of your business. Our contribution provides improvements in the areas of employee relations, communications, dealing with issues swiftly and fairly, motivating and rewarding high achievement and dedication, increased productivity, equality and fairness across the organization, choosing the right people for your organization, helping you with cost cutting requirements etc.

What we can do for you: Some clients engage our services initially to look at their duties and responsibilities as an employer e.g. ensuring contracts of employment are in place and they are legally compliant in relation to the employees they currently employ. This includes ensuring everyone has a correct terms of employment, are being paid correctly, have the right holiday entitlement etc. Other clients may have specific employee relations issues that they need support with ie: a grievance or a disciplinary matter with an employee where expert expedient advice on how to deal with the issue correctly is very important.

Our Consultants: All our CIPD qualified consultants use our HR Best Practices procedures in the design of our programs and processes for clients. This means we have our own internal quality control systems that ensure you are getting the best advice based on the latest legislation and case law.

Our consultants each have over 10 years experience of working with companies in all sectors such as IT, Software Development, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical companies, the services sector, Retail, Gaming companies, Charity and Not for Profit organisations, Professional bodies such as Medical, Engineering, Architecture etc, Public sector, Semi state companies, Government departments etc. We continue to enjoy an ongoing relationship with these clients which are a testament to their satisfaction with our solutions – feel free to ask us for testimonials or referees.

Clients we work with: Our client base ranges from start up companies to the well established Irish and Multinational companies who may be in process of change management or restructure. We design and implement programs that encourage communication and engagement between employees and representative groups at all levels in the organization. We advise on personnel policies, benefit programmes, disciplinary and grievance matters, training and development plans, performance and motivational issues and design appropriate workshops to manage these areas.

Some services we provide:




Compliance and best practice:

Company HR Health Checks (HR Audits)

Ensuring you are legally compliant as an employer


Contracts of employment for the various types of employees

 Permanent, fixed term, part time etc


Irish and European Employment Law matters:

Updates on new legislation and applicable case law and how it is practically applied


NERA inspections

Support and preparation for inspection

Outsourced HR Services:

All the services of a HR Department on an outsourced basis

Your virtual HR Manager, working on site with you when you need us and being available by email or phone for advise


Performance Management and succession planning:

Addressing productivity and performance related goals


Employee Training and Development

Up skilling, cross training, technical accreditation, interactive workshops, continuous professional development


Mentoring and coaching

For managers or people recently promoted to management positions


Leadership & Team development:

Management coaching, team building, advice to board members, management structures, reorganization and change management


Facilitation and Coaching:

Employee consultation, bullying and harassment investigations, disciplinary and grievance management, performance improvement planning

Compensation & Benefits programmes

Salary scales and employee benefits

Providing relevant salary survey data for your particular sector and looking at benefits such as health care, pensions etc


Reward and Recognition programmes

Bonus structures, commission plans, over achievement awards etc


Training Grants from application stage through to rebate

FAS, IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Skillnets type grant assistance

Company Policy and Procedure Handbooks

Company manuals and operating procedures

Essential company policies and best practice procedures and operations manuals 

Recruitment and Retention

Sourcing and selecting suitable candidates

Headhunting, recruiting, induction and orientation, employee surveys and monitoring


Relocation and Expatriate Services:

Providing all the necessary information and support when an employee is seconded or relocating

HR Software solutions

HR databases and connectivity to existing systems

Eg: payroll and finance systems interconnected


Employee portals and intranets: 

Communication tools, access to relevant employee and company information eg: policies and procedures

Equality and Diversity programmes

Ensuring compliance with Equality legislation

Providing policies and procedures as well as supportive training


Work/Life Balance programmes (funding available)

Flexible working arrangements, remote working, job sharing and related policies


Workplace Occupational Health & Safety

Employee Assistance Programmes, Safety statement, stress management, long term disability/illness etc

Psychometric assessment

To support recruitment, promotions, employee development and team dynamics

Available of on line access or class room set ups

Outplacement advise

Support to employees affected by rationalisation.

redundancy advice, support job hunting as well as personal career guidance

Mergers and acquisitions

Transfer of Undertaking etc

Consultation and information, supporting checklists, contracts etc

In relation to Work Life Balance, we are members of the Panel of Experts group with the National Framework Committee and the Equality Authority on Work Life Balance programmes where companies can avail of funding to develop policies in this area.

Why engage our services: Our clients tell us that once they have experienced the benefits we bring to their organizations in relation to applicable policies and procedures, support in handling difficult employee issues, programmes that promote increased employee motivation and so greater job performance, the return on invest is significant.

We partner with you to ensure the solution we bring will make a real difference and add value to your organization. The benefits for you from our Outsourced HR Services are considerable.

We are here to support you when you need us.

Call us to discuss ways we can make your work environment better on 086 3847796 or 01 2888323 or email: hr@odcs.ie and we will set up a complementary consultation.


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